Ignatz & SPX stuff

Hey folks. I got nominated for an Ignatz award last week in the "Promising New Talent" category (with some other fine folks as well that you should all check out.) I was nominated for these two books that I done did called "Onions" & "Or_nge: Chapter One," both of which are the price of a flat-bread sammie (just two dollars) (RIP MCD)


Also, in terms of news both recent AND exciting, I'm actually going to be tabling at SPX this year too, and I will be located at table A1A, which you can see by looking at this schematic here:

Also, also, I'm going to debuting a new book (along with many other sweet new books that people are debuting as well). It's called "Into The Waves", and it will be 37 pages of black and white splendor. The story follows a fifteen-year-old girl, who goes on a summer vacation to the Jersey shore with her parents and baby sister. There she has new experiences, both good and bad, while she struggles to adapt to her rapid ascent into adulthood. I'm not quite done with it yet, but I will be in time for SPX.

itw cover.jpg

Hopefully I'll all you there on Septembers 13th & 14th. Awooooo.

Into The Waves Stuuff

Soooo, my next comic (which you can tell by the title of this post is called "Into The Waves") is all finished up on the inking front. Just have colors left to go, so it will most definitely be done in time For MICE, and also I might potentially be able to pull off another comic by then too. Who can say.

Here's a couple images from Into The Waves:

Here's Anne enjoying some fireworks in what will probably become the back cover

And here's the flyer for the all-important Jessica Flesher show at the Clam Lounge