nightmare 13

Nightmare 13

I'm gonna be doing another web-comic called "Nightmare 13." It's an adaptation of an unused Freddy Vs. Jason script by Lewis Abernathy (which can be found here) that's pretty amazing. I'm planning on dropping it on (wait for it) Halloween day. I'm expecting to update it at a 2-3 times a week pace. It will be posting at, which is the sweetest URL ever.      

Anyways, here's a character from it, whose name is Renton Murdoch, and is a State Trooper Captain who specializes in Occult-type Murderers and one time went one-on-one with Jason Voorhees. Visually he's based on Stacy Keach from Class of 1999.

Photo Oct 02, 1 44 23 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 02, 1 44 26 PM.jpg