New Story (Process)

Hey there folks. I just finished up the writing/planning stages of a story I'm going to do at some point (hopefully by the summer). I figured I'd post some of the process stuff. This is more or less how I do my comics these days. Maybe I'll do another one dealing with the drawing aspects of it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The story is called "I Believe In Ghosts" and it's about two friends (one of whom has already been in a comic of mine before) spending the night in a supposedly haunted house, and telling the stories of how the house became haunted.

Here's what my "scripts" look like these days. What I typically do is type up descriptions for the whole story on a page by page basis, just a few sentences that describe either what's going to go on the page, or what will be discussed. I've moved away from doing dialogue at this stage cause it can sometimes be difficult to know how many words will fit and overall just slows things down. I typically like for a page to have a beginning and an ending, so that even if it's just one page in the midst of a larger scene it feels like a complete thought. I then go in while doing the layouts and write in the dialogue anywhere it will fit on the page. It kind of makes a mess but that's life, man.

Here's my thumbnails for the story. I made them a little bit bigger than I usually do, because I was having some trouble going back and seeing what in the hell I drew on the smaller ones. I can't tell you why some things are in blue and some things are in black (spoilers), but this is usually about as much detail as I get into with these things. Nothing too crazy.

I guess that's it? Have a good weekend. Thumbs up.